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I'm Jane Hanser and the ESL Help Desk is glad that you have stopped by!  The ESL Help Desk is a unique podcast for learners of English because all of our examples and activities are based on authentic language, either written or spoken by others learners of English.  The ESL Help Desk is based just outside of Boston Massachusetts, home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

If you are a learner of English, this is the place to ask your questions about writing and grammar, and to share your thoughts about learning English as your second (or third) language.  If you have a question or comment and you would like us to respond, be sure to include your email address.

Today we're going to focus on listening comprehension

Two weeks ago we listened to nine questions and today we're going to listen to the nine answers.  However, we will be leaving one word out of each answer: Your challenge is to choose the correct word or phrase from the answers below for each "blank" when you hear the bell ring. 

You may go back to hear the original nine questions.  You may listen to the answers as many times as you need. 

Here are the nine word or phrases to choose from when listening to the nine answers:

 due  relaxation  mind
 to cook  new
 beautiful thing
 obligations  complicated  well

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you next week.

The ESL Help! Desk

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