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(to) browse
the army
(to) rescue
railroad track
on post
(the) store houses
(the) train station
(the) tracks
to hear
the) sound
(the) train
fast asleep
(to) wake up
(to) throw
(to) guard

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How I Saved Somebody's Life

An Audio Story

This is the ESL Help Desk and we are inviting you to listen to today's podcast.  First time listeners may want to browse our Library of audio stories and grammar lessons.  Everybody is welcome to subscribe to our feed.  So to all of our listening audience today, welcome to! 

Today we are going to treat you to the audio of an essay written by Alexandr Vishnevetsky, in which Alexandr describes how he saved the lives of two men when he was in the army of the former USSR. The essay was  written by Alexandr in his  college ESL class.  After listening to the audio, we have some activities for you to do to practice your listening comprehension. 

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 And now, enjoy the story!

(Listen to just the story.)

Thanks for listening to us this week, and remember to email us your questions about English grammar. At the ESL Help Desk, your feedback is our feed.

Additional Activities

You will find additional listening activities for this lesson in our library.

Ideas for Further Thought or Writing

  • How do you think Alexandre felt after this experience?

  • Do you think that Alexandre was a hero?  Explain.

  • What recollection of this experience do you think the two drunk men had?  Do you think they will have any memory of having had their lives endangered, and then being saved?

  • Did you ever save a person's life, or was your own life saved by another? What do you think our obligations are to others whose lives are endangered?

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