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When you write, do you like to have some music playing in the background?  Do you like to write in a quiet or a noisy environment?  Are you able to concentrate when the TV is playing?  Does silence relax you or disturb you?  For a homework assignment, our class had to write for ten minutes in an environment that was new and different to them.  Today you will listen to an essay by Aleksandr Shteynberg, in which Alexander writes about his experience writing in different environments.

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Additional Activities:  Ideas for Further Thought or Writing

  1. How do you imagine Alexandr typically does his writing assignments?

  2. Is it easy or difficult for you to concentrate on your work when people around you are talking?

  3. Do you like to listen to music when you study or write?  What type of music bothers you or relaxes you?

  4. Can you read or write on a bus, subway, or in a moving car? Can you read when using earphones or an iPod to listen to music?

  5. Do you think that people should try to study in a quiet place?

  6. What should a person who lives in a large family do in order to be able to focus on his homework or studies?

  7. Silence upsets many people who live in the city.  Why do you think that is?  How do you react and respond to a quiet environment?

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