Ellis Island Timeline


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Today or theme is Ellis Island, Immigration, and Ancestry.

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**  Ellis Island Timeline **

Read it several times, study the vocabulary in the left sidebar as needed, and then answer the questions below.

1.  Who were the original inhabitants of the island now known as Ellis Island?

2.  What would happen to the island at low tide, and why?

3.  How many times has the island changed names?

4.  Around what year did Samuel Ellis live? He established a tavern on the island. Who were its clients?

5.  The island as used as protection during which war?

6.  Who built the first Federal immigration station on Ellis Island?

6.  What materials did the Federal Government use to enlarge the island?

7.  Who was the first immigrant to officially arrive at Ellis Island Immigration Station?  What country did this person come from?

8.  Immigration records from 1855 to 1897 were destroyed due to what occurrance?

9.  Before World War I, how many immigrants were arriving per week?

10.  After World War I, what did the first Immigraton Quota Law, passed by the U.S. Congress, intend to accomplish?

11.  What happened to the unused buildings?

12. When was Ellis Island placed under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service?

13. In the legal case involving Ellis Island that was heard before the Supreme Court, which two parties were claiming jurisdiction over Ellis Island?  What was the Supreme Court's ruling?

14. All in all, how many immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island?

Questions for Research:

12.  What were the most common illnesses that the hospital on Ellis Island dealt with?

13. Which nationalities was the Immigration Quota Law of 1921 intended to restrict?

14.  Which nationalities was the Immigration Act of 1935 intended to restrict?

15.  The Internal Security Act of 1950 was enacted after what events in the United States?

16. What type of information is contained in the online database of Ellis Island? 

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