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a break

bulletin board

(to) share the expenses

(to be) packed

(to) hang out

the bar scene

(to) hit the (slopes)

(to) hit the (beach)

a bunch of (friends)

(to) get (things) organized

spending money

(to) volunteer,
(to be) a volunteer

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Give Me a Break!

"Give Me a Break!" That's what students all over the world are saying right now.  High school students, college students, graduate school students...They want a break between semesters and they want it badly.

Which of these looks preferable to you, for a winter break activity? The activity on the left or the activity on the right?




The stress and anxiety of finals is thankfully followed by the winter break in winter, the spring break in the spring, and summer break in the summer.

And what do students do during their break? Where do they go?

The first trick, if they're studying away from home, is packing up their bags.  Then it means getting a ride home. They put announcements on bulletin boards for " Ride Wanted " or an announcement for " Ride Offered " in order to find other students who are willing to share the expenses .

Buses, trains, and highways are packed with students going home for the break.

Other students like to spend their break in faraway places. In the United States' east coast, Fort Lauderdale Florida is a popular place. What do students do when they're there? Mostly they just hang out . They relax, meet other students, and swim.  Mostly they just hang out and take it easy. They get to know other people and make new friends. Sometimes romances develop.

In the evenings, they may participate in the bar scene .

Other students prefer to go up north and hit the ski slopes; they go to New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine, and even to Canada, where it's cold and there's snow. They spend their winter break skiing. They'll go with a bunch of other friends and share the expenses of transportation and lodging.

Then there's always the student who just wants to stay home and relax, who wants to clean his or her room, get things organized before the next semester begins, and maybe spend time with his or her family.

Maybe he or she wants to get a winter job to help with tuition, or to make some spending money. Some students choose to volunteer in social service organizations and try to help others.

To me, they all sound just fine. I'd take either one of those options (except getting a job).

See you next week,

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