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I'll Have Some of That, Please.

Hello!  Welcome to the ESL HELP! Desk, for fun help with English grammar and communication. 


You're at a bakery and you see some baked goods that look tasty and maybe interesting. You want to get some information about them but you don't know what they're called.  Now you get stuck and maybe embarrassed:  You can point to what you are interested in, but how do express yourself verbally?  Or you are in a restaurant and you see a dish on somebody else's table that looks like something you'd like to try.  You can point, but that might be rude.  What do you say to find out what that dish is called? 

Let's take a look at some international food dishes.

What's this?
I'll have some of this, please!

What's this dish called?
Is there meat in it?
Does it contain any meat?

What are those?  
I'll try
some of those!

What kind of pie is this?
Could I please have a slice?

What do you call this?
What are these
What's in them?

Here's a dish I like!  What is this called?  I'll have some of that!

If you know what each of these dishes is, and what country it is from, send us a note and tell us! We'll tell you what each dish is in our next podcast, and what country it is from.

Mmm...Now that was good!

The ESL Help! Desk

Music Copyright, permission of Luca De Bernardi; Photo of Headphones Copyright Karl-Erik Bennion



(to) get stuck - to not know what to say or how to say it

(to) be embarrassed - to feel uneasy or self-conscious

(to) point - to use your finger to indicate something or someone


(to) express yourself

(to) try (something) - to order some food in a restaurant when you don't know how it will taste

(to) be rude - to be socially inappropriate

(to) have - to eat (a particular dish of food)


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