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Episode 38: My Pet, My Dog
Episode 37: Paper or Plastic?
Episode 36: Barak Obama
Episode 35: Definitely Fattening
Episode 34: I'll Have That!
Episode 33: I Hate Finals!
Episode 32: Code Name ESL
Episode 31:  The Inner Circle
Episode 30:  I'm Going
Episode 29:  The Green Monster:  Hold, Please
Episode 28:  Traffic
Episode 27:  American Thanksgiving
Episode 26:  More Grammar:  Gerunds and Infinitive Phrases
Episode 25:  "What Should I Bring?"
Episode 24: Nine Answers
Episode 23: Sentence Structure and Parts of Speech: He's Always Talking about Grammar
Episode 22:  Open-ended Questions: Nine Questions
Episode 21:  Summertime
Episode 20: How to End a Formal Letter:  Dear Help Desk, Part 2
Episode 19:  "Solving Family Problems"
Episode 18: How to Begin a Formal Letter:  Dear Help Desk, Part 1
Episode 17: How to Arrange a Social Get-together: It's a Date!
Episode 16: "The Blues and Greens of Ecuador"
Episode 15: How to Make and Respond to Suggestions: 
Get Me to the Train Station On Time
Episode 14: How to Ask for and Give a Recipe:  Yum...I'd Love That Recipe!
Episode 13: "Cross-country Skiing"
Episode 12: How Have You Been:  The Present Perfect Tense:Introduction
Episode 11: " This Writing Just Confuses Me"
Episode 10:  Quantifying Countable and Noncountable Nouns
Episode 9:  Countable Nouns: Regular and Irregular Forms
Episode 8: "Juan de Pareja"
Episode 7: How to Express Concern:  Are You Okay?
Episode 6: "How I Saved Somebody's Life"
Episode 5: How to Begin a Telephone Conversation:  This is Luis
Episode 4: Modals: would and will, Expressing Wish or Desire
Episode 3: My Wedding", by Sonia Diaz
Episode 2: How to Express Gratitude: Thank You Very Much!
Episode 1: Interview with Author:  Getting to Know Me


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