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Today's Podcast

"Just bring yourselves."
- an expression in which the host or hostess is telling the invitee that he or she does not need to bring anything to the party.

(to) come empty-handed -  to arrive at the party without bringing something with (you) to share with the others  

either  -  a pronoun referring to either the first choice or the second choice.  In this case: either (beverages or some ice)
would be a big help.

( ~ ) it is - In this case, (Beverages) it is. - an expression which affirms the choice that the person has made. The subject of the sentence is a noun. The intonation of the sentence goes up on "beverages" and down in "it is".

designated driver - the person who will drive back home after the party. This person agrees ahead of time to not consume (drink) any alcohol.


What Should I Bring?

Hello!  You have reached the ESL HELP! Desk.  We are a unique podcast for learners of English. Why?  All of our examples and activities are based on authentic language, either written or spoken by others learners of English and native speakers.  The ESL HELP! Desk is based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  And here is this week's trivia question for you: 

What baseball team just won the 2007 World's Series? The answer is the Boston Red Sox!

We would like to take a moment right now to congratulate the Boston Red Sox on their achievement.

Today's topic deals with invitations to parties, dinner parties, and other types commonly bring an item, usually a food item, to the party or meal.  Our social function in today's podcast is going to be a barbecue.


What foods do you like to cook on an outdoor grill? 

When you go to a party, what do you like to bring?


Join us now as we listen to a conversation between Pam and Josh.

Pam, Anita and I would really like to thank you and Warren for inviting us to your barbecue next Sunday afternoon!  But secondly, we want to bring something.

Josh, we're glad that you're able to join us.  You really don't need to bring anything.

I know it's not your style to tell people to bring something.  But we don't want to come empty-handed.  Please let me know what you'll need.

Okay, then.  Just bring yourselves!

Seriously, Pam.  We need you to tell us what to bring.

Okay.  Hmmm....Let me see.   I'll tell you what we need.  If you could bring some beverages, or some ice, either would be a big help.

Beverages it is.  Is anybody bringing beer?

Yes, in fact, you are!  Do you think you could bring some diet soda as well?

Absolutely, Pam.  A few six-packs of beer, some diet soda...and a designated driver!

We are really looking forward to this barbecue.  It will be really great to get together with you and Anita and all our friends.  Thanks.

That's our lesson for this week. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to send us a message.  And next week, don't forget to bring yourself!

The ESL Help! Desk

Music Copyright, permission of Luca De Bernardi; Photo of Headphones Copyright Karl-Erik Bennion  

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